What Causes Surging in Car Engines?

Answer Engines are so complicated that if they hadn't been in production for over a century, it's likely that no one would believe they'd really work. Proper engine performance is dependent on a very prec... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of My 2004 Mercury Sable Surging?

Engine surge isn't an uncommon problem in aging, computer-controlled cars, particularly those like the fourth-gen Mercury Sable and Taurus that use several advanced control systems to keep everythi... Read More »

What Causes Impellers to Go Out in Boat Engines?

An impeller mechanically pulls water into a jet-boat engine or jet-pump, rather than using a propeller to push the boat through the water. While propellers are prone to damage, impellers have an ev... Read More »

What causes white smoke in small engines?

white smoke just means that the engine is tired which means its been used. you dont have to get rid of it, a little smoke wont hurt you.

The Causes of a Spun or Turned Bearing in New or Rebuilt Auto Engines?

A spun bearing occurs when one of the bearings in the engine physically turns within its holder. Spun bearings are due to oil loss in the engine. There are several problems that can cause a new or ... Read More »