What Causes Someone to Crave Ice?

Answer When a person craves ice this can be an indication that the person is anemic or iron deficient. When the need to chew substances and craving substances that have virtually no nutritional value occu... Read More »

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Why do i crave to share chocolate with someone !!?

maybe thats just a turn on for you....everyone has their certain turn on's

Why does someone crave sweets during pregnancy?

Cravings haunt many pregnant women, forcing them to consume everything from instant mashed potatoes to bacon to ice cream. Cookies, cake, candy and other sweets are the most common craving pregnant... Read More »

What causes someone to sleep longer than 8 hours?

What causes that "butterfly" sensation when you like someone?

When you like someone and even if you imagine about or see the person or if such a person passes close to you,the prospect of confronting,getting attention of or talking to such a person causes but... Read More »