What Causes Slimy Leaves on Plants?

Answer Slimy leaves on plants or trials of slime on the ground are not really slime at all, but mucus secreted by the slugs that are eating your plants at night. Slugs can cause pretty significant damage ... Read More »

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What Causes Leaves on Tomato Plants to Turn Yellow?

With a multitude of diseases, pests and conditions that can harm your tomato plant, it may seem daunting to try and identify and treat a specific condition. Many diseases can cause yellowing leaves... Read More »

What causes the leaves of tomato plants to turn yellow?

Tomato Yellow Leaf Click on the links below for tomato-related problems.

What are the causes of black tips on leaves on indoor plants?

Hot dry air in the winter, accumulated salts from treated water, root rot from excess water, and nutrient deficiency can all cause black-tipped leaves on indoor plants. But the condition may be eas... Read More »

Flowering Plants With Leaves That Resemble Small Hollyhock Leaves?

The common hollyhock, a staple of cottage gardens, is known botanically as Alcea rosea. It is a tall biennial plant, grown for its showy single (five petals) or double flowers in shades of white, y... Read More »