What Causes Rusty Looking Places on Tomato Leaves When the Plant Looks Healthy?

Answer No matter how much care and attention you give to your tomatoes, there's always the risk of unexpected infection. However, it's not always clear what causes a condition, or indeed if the condition ... Read More »

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What causes the leaves of tomato plants to turn yellow?

Tomato Yellow Leaf Click on the links below for tomato-related problems.

What Causes Leaves on Tomato Plants to Turn Yellow?

With a multitude of diseases, pests and conditions that can harm your tomato plant, it may seem daunting to try and identify and treat a specific condition. Many diseases can cause yellowing leaves... Read More »

What Makes Tomato Plant Leaves Yellow?

Tomato leaves can turn yellow for many reasons. Increasing or decreasing the plant's nutrients can be a factor, as can water and feeding habits. The key is to identify the correct cause before atte... Read More »

My Phalaenopsis Orchid Looks Dead But Has Healthy Green Leaves?

As long as the Phalaenopsis leaves are stiff and light green, the moth orchid is viable. As with other orchids, it is natural for Phalaenopsis flowers to die back and drop after blooming for severa... Read More »