What Causes Power Steering Fluid to Boil?

Answer The condition described by most as "boiling" sometimes isn't. Though excess heat in the power steering system can indeed cause the fluid to boil, there are other conditions that can mimic the effect.

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What Causes Power Steering Fluid Leaks?

Proper operation of the power steering system is critical to automotive safety. Any sign of fluid leakage should be taken seriously and addressed as quickly as possible because a low fluid level wi... Read More »

Probable Causes of a Power Steering Fluid Leak?

In 1927, General Motors began experimenting with hydraulic power steering in their vehicles, but the maker axed the program when it deemed the cost too high. Until 1951, drivers depended on large s... Read More »

Is power steering fluid the same as hydraulic fluid?

Power steering fluid is hydraulic fluid. It allows for the power to be transmitted in the power steering. You will notice a difficulty in turning the steering wheel when your fluid gets low. If thi... Read More »

Is brake fluid the same as power steering fluid?

No, brake and power steering fluid are not the same. The power steering fluid lubricates the system that helps turn the steering wheel. Brake fluid lubricates the system that works with the brakes,... Read More »