What Causes Pinworms & Tapeworms?

Answer Several types of worms infect humans and result in intestinal infections. Oftentimes, worm infections can occur without person ever developing symptoms. Symptoms of tapeworm infection may include a... Read More »

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What is the origin of pinworms?

Enterobius vermicularis or pinworms are parasites that are commonly found in the human intestinal tract. The parasite's eggs are extremely small and are often transmitted through fecal-contaminated... Read More »

If it's not pinworms what is it?

It could be tape worms that could die or most probably threadworms that are just another name for pinworms.

What Do I Clean in My House When Someone Has Pinworms?

Measuring 1/2 inch in length, pinworms are an internal parasite that can transfer from one host to another via their eggs. Pinworms can live in the body for several years without presenting any sig... Read More »

What body systems to tapeworms affect?

immune system, digestive, exocrine, ect.