What Causes Open Pores?

Answer Whether you are a teenager or middle-aged, your face can develop open pores. While some may believe these are unsightly, especially when viewed in a magnifying mirror, the truth is that everyone ha... Read More »

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What Causes Large Pores on the Face?

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What Are the Causes of Large Pores on the Nose?

Large pores on the nose are the result of large productions of sebum from the sebaceous glands in the nose, excessive squeezing of blackheads and pimples on the nose, and from aging and sun damage.... Read More »

What Causes Enlarged Pores on the Face?

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What Can I Use to Open Pores of Wood for Refinishing?

Refinishing restores the finish of wood furniture and flooring to look like new. To refinish wood surfaces, old finishes that seal the wood must first be removed. This technique opens the pores of ... Read More »