What Causes Oil to Leak in Dryers Over Clothes?

Answer It can be frustrating to find oil or grease stains on clothes after removing them from the dryer. While the stains might have been on the clothing items before you placed them in the dryer -- and m... Read More »

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Is gas or electricity better for clothes dryers?

On One Hand: Gas Is More Expensive InitiallyAt the outset a gas dryer is more expensive, costing about $50 more (2010 prices)than a comparable electric model, according to Read More »

How long do clothes dryers last?

A clothes dryer should last about 14 years. Today's dryers are typically much more efficient than they once were. However, as they age, their efficiency decreases. Knowing the age and life expectan... Read More »

Who makes Kenmore clothes dryers?

Start with a plumbing qualification, then plumbing experience, then teacher training.

Do electric clothes dryers have thermostats?

Just like gas-powered clothes dryers, electric clothes dryers may use either a thermostat or a moisture sensor. According to Consumer Reports, thermostats typically are found in the most basic, che... Read More »