What Causes Noisy Struts?

Answer The terms “strut” and “shock absorber” are interchangeable in the minds of many car owners, but this is a misconception. The strut is a compact but complex assembly of parts that handles sh... Read More »

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How to Fix a Noisy Fan Belt?

If a belt in your car is squeaking, squealing or just noisy, you can take a few steps to quiet the belt. No matter the exact nature of the belt, be it a fan belt, an alternator belt, or a modern se... Read More »

Why is the fan noisy on a computer?

Computers have many moving parts. These all generate heat, which is why a computer contains one or more fans. Normally they run silent, or very quiet. Like anything else in a computer, they can bre... Read More »

Why is my monitor so noisy?

You have a CRT. The flyback transformer is giving off a squeal.You have a flat panel monitor. The power supply is failing.Buy a new monitor or get fire insurance.

What to Do for a Noisy Flywheel?

Noisy flywheels can become a nuisance to drivers during their everyday commute. It can become necessary to do something about the noise. However, finding the problem of what is wrong with your flyw... Read More »