What Causes Mushrooms to Grow?

Answer If you're a fan of mushrooms, then you may want to grow your own for use in salads, pasta dishes and other foods. You'll need to understand the conditions required for mushroom growth. On the other... Read More »

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Can I grow mushrooms from store-bought mushrooms?

Technically you can grow mushrooms from store-bought mushrooms. You can use spores, or start with a tissue cutting. But if you've never grown mushrooms before, it's hard to grow them from store-bou... Read More »

How to Grow Mushrooms from Dried Mushrooms?

Growing mushrooms at home allows you to save money and enjoy delicious varieties of mushrooms each day with every meal. Because mushrooms do not contain the green chlorophyll that's found within ot... Read More »

What Do Mushrooms Need to Grow?

Fungi break down dead organic material, playing a pivotal role in the decay and return of such materials to the soil for future use by other plants. Some fungi produce mushrooms when the correct en... Read More »

What Conditions Are Needed for Mushrooms to Grow?

Mushrooms are the fruit parts of one of many different species of fungi. In supermarkets, grocery stores and restaurants, the word mushroom usually refers to the white button mushroom. Fungus grows... Read More »