What Causes Lightheadedness?

Answer The shear broadness of your question is amazing. It can range from not getting enough sleep, to lying down for too long and getting up, to being on a diet and famished, exertion, dehydrated, or so... Read More »

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What are the causes of nausea&lightheadedness?

Nausea and light headedness, which often precede vomiting, are not the end result of a specific infection or environmental factor, but rather the symptoms of a myriad of medical issues.External Cau... Read More »

What are some remedies for a pregnant lady experiencing lightheadedness?

It's probably the anemia. For today you need to take it easy and then get an appointment with your Dr ASAP. If you are already taking iron it may need increasing, if they haven't given you a supp... Read More »

Can breathing cold air cause lightheadedness?

On One Hand: Breathing Cold Air Can Cause LightheadednessBreathing in cold air can cause lightheadedness in at least one direct way. According to Murray Grossan, MD, cold air can strike sinus membr... Read More »

Symptoms: stomach ache, dizziness, lightheadedness,headaches?

Get to doctor, it could be too many different things to guess, and you don't say how long the symptoms have been going on. If it's been awhile, she should go to the doctor. Could be blood sugar... Read More »