What Causes Headlights to Flicker?

Answer Flickering headlights can get you a ticket to the policeman's ball, but more importantly, they may indicate trouble inside your car. This problem can result from many potential causes, but whatever... Read More »

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Why Does My Power Flicker When My Headlights Are On?

Most vehicles are a complex system of wires, switches and relays. Due to all of these electronics, problems may occur. One problem that can occur is that the other electronics in the vehicle flicke... Read More »

Why Does a Motorcycle's Headlights Flicker?

If you own a motorcycle, or just regularly notice them as you drive, you may have seen the headlights of a motorcycle flicker. There can be several reasons for this flickering, including a built in... Read More »

Who makes flicker free 3D tvs Are Samsung 3D tvs flicker free?

Any 3D television bought today should be flicker free including Samsung. The best way to find out is to experience a range of brands and models. Believe your eyes rather than the LG claim that all ... Read More »

Is 3d tv has flicker?

Well friend, not all 3D tv has flicker problem. only the 3d tv which is using old 3D technology(SG).