What Causes Differing Temperatures & Pressures on Earth?

Answer Weather on the planet Earth is caused by both the temperature and the air pressure. The temperature and air pressure differs depending on the location, and this causes changes in the weather throug... Read More »

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What Are Some Ways That Scientists Can Tell the Earth's Past Temperatures?

The Earth's climate has never been static over long periods of time. At certain points in history the planet was warmer, with tropical-type temperatures extending into what are now temperate areas.... Read More »

Effects of Earth's Average Temperature on Oceanic Temperatures?

According to Gallaudet University, the Earth is covered by 71 percent water and 29 percent solid land. Earth's hydrosphere (all the water on the planet) significantly influences the temperature on ... Read More »

Would higher average temperatures change the amount of cloud cover across Earth?

On One Hand: They Have the PotentialAccording to "Cloud Feedback Could Accelerate Global Warming," by Hamish Johnston, editor of, higher temperatures could very well change cloud c... Read More »

How to Balance Differing Homework Needs in a Household?

Helping one child with his or her homework can be challenging enough. Helping several children with different needs is even more so. You will need involve your children in this process as well as a... Read More »