What Causes Differing Temperatures & Pressures on Earth?

Answer Weather on the planet Earth is caused by both the temperature and the air pressure. The temperature and air pressure differs depending on the location, and this causes changes in the weather throug... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Varying Temperatures of Shower Water?

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to enjoy a relaxing shower and suddenly being blasted with icy cold water---or, to hear the flushing of a toilet and feel the water burn your skin. Lucki... Read More »

Would higher average temperatures change the amount of cloud cover across Earth?

On One Hand: They Have the PotentialAccording to "Cloud Feedback Could Accelerate Global Warming," by Hamish Johnston, editor of, higher temperatures could very well change cloud c... Read More »

What Causes the Earth to Be a Magnet?

The Earth's Magnetic Field, which is responsible for the magnetic poles used for navigation for centuries, is theorized to be an effect of the interaction between the Earth's Inner Core and Outer C... Read More »

What Causes Earth Tides?

Tides refer to the rising and lowering of water levels in relation to land and are primarily due to the influences of the sun and moon. Knowing when high and low tides occur on a given day affects ... Read More »