What Causes Chimney Downdrafts?

Answer Chimneys use the natural phenomenon of hot air rising to create a draft. This column of warm air in the chimney pulls the exhaust gases away from the stove, furnace, fireplace or appliance and out ... Read More »

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What Stage of a Thunderstorm Only Has Downdrafts?

The dissipating stage of a thunderstorm only has downdrafts. To explain why this occurs, it's important to understand the three stages of a thunderstorm life cycle: developing, mature and dissipating.

Middle School Science Projects About Tornado Downdrafts?

Tornado downdrafts are frightening. These forces leave utter destruction in their wake, but they seem to leave the public fascinated and wanting to learn more. Witness all those documentaries on ca... Read More »

What is a chimney damper?

A chimney damper is a device that seals your fireplace off from the outside when not in use to prevent heat or conditioned air from escaping. Traditional chimney dampers are metal and sit at the ju... Read More »

What is the purpose of a chimney cap?

A chimney cap is placed on top of a chimney and prevents animals, birds and insects from entering inside. It also keeps out rain, snow and other elements. It's used in the absence of a chimney flue... Read More »