What Causes Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs After Anesthesia?

Answer Many things can be the cause of blood in your dog's stools. If your dog has been at the veterinarian's office recently it may have been infected with something from another dog. Generally anesthesi... Read More »

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What can cause my dog to have bloody diarrhea?

Witnessing a pet suffering from bloody diarrhea can be a very frightening situation for pet owners. A number of conditions and circumstances can cause this symptom, some of which are considered qui... Read More »

Bloody Diarrhea in an Infant?

Bloody diarrhea in an infant's diaper is usually a sign of a bacterial pathogen that is causing a gastrointestinal infection or GI infection, according to WebMD. While the diarrhea is a nuisance, t... Read More »

My wife is trashing the house and has bloody diarrhea?

It may not be as bad as you think. You can rent a carpet cleaner for less than $35/hour or if you don't have the time Stanley will make it look new for $50-60. Good luck.

What gives dogs diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a common occurrence in dogs and puppies. While it is not usually a sign of a serious condition, some cases require veterinary attention due to a disease or an indigestible object lodged... Read More »