What Causes Batteries to Leak?

Answer Leaking batteries can cause damage to electrical equipment and may also present dangers to you as they contain chemical compounds and sometimes acids. Batteries are generally very safe, if used and... Read More »

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What Causes a Car Battery to Leak?

A car battery isn't just some lump that sits under your hood; if anything, it's more of a miniature ecosystem of chemical and electrical interactions that must stay in constant balance in order to ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of an Intake Manifold Gasket Leak?

The intake manifold gasket is designed to seal the gap between the intake manifold and cylinder heads. When the intake manifold gasket is damaged, it can begin to leak and can cause a variety of pr... Read More »

What Causes Oil to Leak in Dryers Over Clothes?

It can be frustrating to find oil or grease stains on clothes after removing them from the dryer. While the stains might have been on the clothing items before you placed them in the dryer -- and m... Read More »

What Causes Diesel to Leak Into Lube Oil?

Your car, boat or truck may have a problem with oil leaking into the combustion chamber. You can diagnose this yourself by checking the color of the exhaust from your vehicle. Fuel does not leak ba... Read More »