What Causes Bad O2 Sensors?

Answer Oxygen sensors are an important part of your car. According to the Mr. 2 website, the oxygen sensor's main function is to let you know whether your automobile's fuel supply is too rich--meaning you... Read More »

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Can anybody tell me that CCD sensors take better picture in digital photography or CMOS sensors ?

All other factors being equal, CCD is better by far - but all other things are seldom equal. CMOS is easier and less expensive to manufacture and so has had far more development in recent times. CM... Read More »

About MAP Sensors?

The various sensors on a car, including the MAP sensor, provide input and output to and from the car's computer (Powertrain Control Module, or PCM). If the inputs are missing or wrong, the outputs ... Read More »

How to Fix Oxygen Sensors?

Oxygen sensors--also called o2 sensors--are used by your vehicle's computer to monitor and adjust the air-to-fuel ratio being pumped into your engine. These sensors are designed to be "disposable;"... Read More »

How to Compare O2 Sensors?

A vehicle's Powertrain Control Module adjusts the ratio of air and fuel so a vehicle gets the best possible fuel economy. This 02 sensor constantly signals the PCM to inform it of the status of the... Read More »