What Causes Air-Conditioning Ductwork to Sweat?

Answer Duct sweating occurs when water collects on the outside of the duct and the vent during summer cooling season. Duct sweating presents potential risks to the structure of the home and to the health ... Read More »

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Can bats live in a central air conditioning ductwork?

Bats are extremely sensitive to cold air and cold breezes, and they would find central air conditioning ductwork uninviting in the summer months when the system is running. However, bats like to ro... Read More »

I sweat a lot..and it's kinda embarrising you have any tips how to reduce sweat?

i had the same problem but heres what you can do. First go to your doctor and ask about Drysol. Its this prescription oil for your armpits that stops the sweating. You apply it once every 4-5 days ... Read More »

Do house plants sweat, if yes what makes them sweat?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE! sweating plants?? why not? mine work up a sweat every time i make them weed their garden. just kidding. garden sweat on answering this question. no, ... Read More »

How to Install A/C Ductwork?

Homeowners need not rely on HVAC technicians to install air-conditioning ductwork. Anyone with patience and basic skills can complete the job at a fraction of the cost. Improve your chances of a su... Read More »