What Caused the European Nations to Gain Respect for the United States?

Answer According to international affairs writer John Peterson, the United States and the European Union are the most powerful forces in the international system. Respect between the United States and the... Read More »

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How much money does the United States give to the United Nations?

According to a United Nations Membership Assessment Report for 2009, the United States paid membership dues of $62,302,548, or approximately 22 percent of the U.N. annual budget for 2010. The Europ... Read More »

How much money does the United States spend on the United Nations?

The United States is responsible for 22 percent of the United Nation's regular budget, an amount that in 2009 was $598,292,101, according to a report from the United Nations Secretariat on member s... Read More »

How do I Cash a European Check in the United States?

Checks remain a popular way to make payments or to send money in today's world. Usually, a person or business takes the check to their bank and deposits it into their account. This becomes more com... Read More »

European Vs. United States Motor Oil Standards?

Motor oil lubricates the moving parts inside an internal-combustion engine. Organizations in Europe and the United States set different standards for motor oil.