What Car Insurance Do I Need to Be a Pizza Delivery Boy?

Answer If you deliver pizzas full or part time, or you are thinking about taking a job as a pizza delivery driver, you may think that your personal auto insurance policy will protect you while you are on ... Read More »

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Is it necessary for pizza delivery people to carry commercial auto insurance?

Answer You should insure against non owned and hired auto's even if the business does not own its own vehicles

How much should you tip a pizza delivery person WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN CHARGED A 2.00 DELIVERY FEE on order?

Screw that. Why would you tip when you are charged a delivery fee. I say a big fat ZERO. I usually try to avoid pizza places that charge delivery fees. If I do order from them then sorry the dr... Read More »

What's the least / most you should tip a pizza delivery man?

You would tip the same as you tip when you got to eat at restaurant. least 15-20%. If you are a regular the driver will know if you are a good tipper or not. If you tip well they will be su... Read More »

Do you tip the pizza delivery man?

You should always tip because a service is being provided for you. You are getting your food delivered to your house and the driver has to pay for gas and wear and tear on the car.T... Read More »