What Canon camcorders are easy to use with a Mac?

Answer First draw a a large circle for a wheel.The draw two long lines through the wheel.Then connect your lines with a circle.Then draw the rest of the wheel. You have a cannon!

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What mini-dv or other kinds of Camcorders could i use as a web cam from Canon if can't use any canon then what?

You can use any camcorder having a firewire port, just plug a firewire cable to computer and it works as a web cam.

What is the best camcorders to upload videos to youtube easy 10 points?

Flip is a better choice ot another good one that I would recommend is Sanyo VPC-CG10 HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/5x Optical Zoom…

In camcorders 10x optical zoom Camera is costlier than 40x camcorders anybody can clarify this?

Cameras that employ a large zoom ratio do not have as many imaging pixels as cameras with a smaller zoom ratio.Cameras supporting higher resolution and HDTV require a lens that produces a better im... Read More »

Are DVD camcorders better than hard disk camcorders?