What Canadian cellphone network uses 1700 3g?

Answer i got a case and a warranty and the iphone 3gs 16 gigs for $300

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Can you record things from your cellphone if you have Dish Network?

If you have a DVR receiver, an Internet connection to your receiver, and the application downloaded to certain supported cellphones, you can setup timers, delete recorded events, and view your chan... Read More »

If your network uses static IP addressing, what information will you need to know?

You will need to know your IP, Subnet, Gateway, and DNS addresses. However, you also need to know what IPs are currently in use, and what IPs are not. Otherwise, conflicts will occur.

Is it possible to charge a cellphone with the help of another cellphone?

a cellphone can not be charged by another cellphone

Hear others cellphone conversation in your cellphone?

Answer yes you can by calling them at same time, if you have the elite06 celphone that is new it is 1000.00