What Can Stop a Manifold Leak?

Answer A hissing noise coming from the engine of your vehicle combined with liquid spillage from the car can mean trouble for your vehicle's exhaust or intake manifold. Such signs can be symptomatic of a ... Read More »

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How to Stop an Intake Manifold Leak on GM Cars?

An inlet manifold or intake manifold is an engine part that supplies air and fuel mixture to a vehicle's cylinder. One major problem of a manifold is leaks. An intake manifold leak happens when the... Read More »

Intake Manifold Leak Vs. Head Gasket Leak?

A head gasket seals an engine as well as the pathways of oil and coolant within the engine. An intake manifold gasket seals the cylinder heads and the intake manifold together. Information on these... Read More »

How to Fix a Manifold Leak?

Having a manifold leak in your vehicle can cause it to have performance problems. Making sure that the leak gets fixed is important if you want your vehicle performing at its peak. Because the inta... Read More »

What Is an Exhaust Manifold Leak?

An exhaust manifold leak is not a critical problem with a car's exhaust, but can cause some issues. Generally speaking, a car should not have any exhaust manifold leaks for optimal performance.What... Read More »