What Can I do if My Student Loan went into Default?

Answer Defaulting on student loans can cause several different financial problems. Not only does it have a highly negative effect on your credit report, but it also impedes your ability to get any new stu... Read More »

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Student loan in default?

If you are unable to afford to make payments toward your defaulted loan, you should complete and return a "Statement of Financial Status" along with evidence of your current financial situation, wh... Read More »

What Are Four Things That Could Happen to Me If I Default on My Student Loan?

Unlike many unsecured credit products such as credit cards and personal loans, student loans are one of the few products that are not eligible for a discharge in most bankruptcy proceedings. Unless... Read More »

Can I Refinance My Student Loan if I Am in Default?

Students can lower their monthly student loan payments by hundreds of dollars a month if they have graduated from college and find they can no longer make their monthly payments due to unemployment... Read More »

When is a student loan in default?

A student loan is in default within 270 days of not making a payment that is due. Loans are typically due around six months after you leave school. After leaving school, you can apply for a deferme... Read More »