What Can I Use to Hold My Dish Cloths in?

Answer For an efficient kitchen, a "clean-up zone" is a must. This zone may contain either just detergents, brushes, cloths and towels or may also include dishes, glassware and flatware. It is most conven... Read More »

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Wiping Cloths Vs. Dish Rags?

Many people often wonder about the differences between a dish rag and a wiping cloth because on the surface they seem similar, but in reality there are very different and used for different purpose... Read More »

How to Recycle T Shirts Into Dish Cloths?

Before you toss those old, worn out T-shirts, take a greener approach to “reuse” and “renew” by repurposing them into handmade knit dish cloths. While you could just cut them up into small ... Read More »

Can mercerized cotton yarn be used to knit dish cloths?

Mercerized cotton yarn, which is distinguished from unmercerized cotton yarn by its sheen, is ideal for knitting dish cloths. This is because mercerization makes fabric knitted from the yarn more a... Read More »

What Kind of Cloths to Use for a Body Wrap?

Body wraps are a spa-like treatment of the body that is popular with both men and women. Whether done at home or in a spa, the process is generally the same: exfoliate the body, then smooth on body... Read More »