What Can I Spray on My Plants to Keep Bugs Off?

Answer Several types of insecticides exist that control garden insects. Not all are equal. Organic insecticides use natural ingredients that are safer for the environment and humans. Inorganic pesticides ... Read More »

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What can I put on my plants to keep bugs off?

Someone once told me that planting Marigolds among the vegetables would keep bugs and rabbits out of the garden. It worked for me!

Can I Use Spray Kitchen Oil to Kill Bugs on My Outside Plants?

Vegetable oil is often used in homemade solutions to kill garden pests. Oil solutions coat insects and work by causing them to suffocate. For the best results, the Oregon State University, Extensio... Read More »

How to Keep Bugs Off Basil Plants?

Basil is an herb cultivated for its culinary use and its fragrant leaves. It is usually a hardy plant, which has a strong aroma that keeps away most pests. However, basil is still susceptible to at... Read More »

How do i keep bugs off basil plants?

Companion PlantingPrevent or control most basil plant pests with companion planting. Some plants naturally repel the pests to which basil is vulnerable, or they attract beneficial insects that will... Read More »