What Can I Put in My Soil to Make My Flowers Grow Faster?

Answer Flowers grow best when provided with adequate amounts of sunlight and water and optimum soil conditions. Optimum growing conditions vary from plant to plant, making it necessary to determine specif... Read More »

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Which brand of soil will make a plant grow faster?

Miracle Gro sells potting soil, and it should be easy to find at any home center. I've also used Schultz because it was cheaper, but Miracle Gro is the most widely used.

Does grass grow faster in store-bought soil or soil out of the ground?

The growing rate of grass depends on the quality of the soil. The fastest way to get your grass to grow is to have your soil assessed to see what fertilizers and supplements need to be added. It is... Read More »

What herbs grow faster then flowers?

peppermint grows like a weed and overtakes the area.

Why do plants grow faster in dark soil?

Because dark soil contains a higher concentration of Organic Matter. Also, because dark soil is when there is a bunch of water in it. The water soaks the Soil.