What Can I Expect From a Judgment If I Have No Job?

Answer A court judgment is the result of a creditor's lawsuit against a consumer who owes the company. One of the primary ways a judgment benefits creditors is by giving them the ability to garnish the de... Read More »

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How to Get a Judgment on a Roommate?

In order to get a judgment against a roommate, you must first sue him in court. You must prove your case to the judge, and the person being sued is given a chance to respond and show why he does no... Read More »

What Is a Reserved Judgment?

"Reserved judgment" or "reserve judgment" most basically refers to a judgment that is withheld in order to gather more information before arriving at a conclusion. It refers to the need for more d... Read More »

What Happens When Someone Has a Judgment on Your Debt?

Creditors attempt to collect debts from consumers in a variety of ways. Some may send numerous debt collection letters, others may call repeatedly and some companies will use collection agencies to... Read More »

What is a debt judgment?

If you owe money, your creditor has the right to collect that money. One way for a creditor to do that is to get a judgment against you. The creditor simply needs to prove in court that you still o... Read More »