What Can I Expect From a Judgment If I Have No Job?

Answer A court judgment is the result of a creditor's lawsuit against a consumer who owes the company. One of the primary ways a judgment benefits creditors is by giving them the ability to garnish the de... Read More »

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If you get a huge 4-year-old above-ground pool from your neighbor what costs can you expect to incur to set it back up and what will have to be replaced?

Answer I was given an 18 ft round 4 1/2 ft. deep pool. You will need to replace the liner if not it can cause the pool to collaspe do to liner shrinkage. Check to see how much wiring you will nee... Read More »

What is a judgment from a credit card company?

If a credit card company does not receive payment for a debt, the debt will often be charged off and sold. In some cases, however, the credit card company will file a lawsuit against the debtor in ... Read More »

What Property Is Exempt From the Judgment of a Creditor in Florida?

When a creditor takes legal action to collect money that is owed and wins, the creditor will get a judgment from the court for the amount of money the court rules is owed by the debtor. This judgme... Read More »

What can i expect from HDTV's?

HDTV is a new generation TV which takes up less space and easy to move around. However, if you don't have the right "add ons", it's not HD.You have to have the right cable service which provides H... Read More »