What Can I Do to Look Better?

Answer The easiest way to look better is to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Simple steps such as basic skin care can help you improve your appearance, and long-term changes such as inc... Read More »

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Do I look better with alot of makeup or a more natural look *Pictures included.?

You look better natural and makeup is not good for skin anyways you are gorgeous without makeup

What can I do to look better, I feel ugly..?

What can I do to make my room look better?

Ideas On how you can make your room look great and unique to you: (All these things you can either buy new, make some or revamp old ones)Put up some picturesPut up some postersPut up some wall artC... Read More »

What would make me look better?

Hi - I would suggest a standard lo carb / high protein diet. Worked wonders for me. If you can get some exercise in as well then all the better.