What Can I Do With My Old Pocket PC When the Battery Dies?

Answer With all of your life and memories saved on your Pocket PC, throwing it away after the battery wears out seems like a horrible idea. And, to tell the truth, it really is. After investing so much mo... Read More »

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How to Recharge an iPhone When the Battery Dies?

If you've used your iPhone until the battery has completely drained, the screen flashes a red battery icon with an image of an electrical plug to signify it is time to recharge it. The iPhone comes... Read More »

How to Reset the Radio When the Battery Dies on a 2000 Acura Integra?

For owners of Acuras, dealing with the radio can be a stressful experience. When the battery of your 2000 Integra dies it can be a hassle to reset the radio and retrieve your favored settings. Lea... Read More »

Why does your iphone get warm then the battery dies when its in standbye?

It depends. If you UNLOCK it and put a new SIM in: No. If you just JAILBREAK it: Yes, yes you do.

What Forms Do You File With the IRS When a Person Dies?

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