What Can I Do If My Friend Refuses to Return My Car?

Answer Lending a car to a friend can lead to a difficult situation if she does return the car to you. There are a series of options you must take in an attempt to get it returned.

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If a father refuses to return child to mother after visitation time what can be done?

Answer If you have a court ordered agreement, you can follow up from there. More Input What action can be taken to have the child returned depends totally upon the custodial arrangement. If the pa... Read More »

If you have primary residential custody what can you do if the father refuses to return your son after a weekend visit?

Answer File parental kidnapping charges. File contempt with state. If you know where the child is being kept and the other parent isn't there you can pick up the child at the babysisters. Answer ... Read More »

How to Deal With a Friend Who Refuses to Change?

So you’ve been friends for a while, and what used to seem so cool about him isn’t so great anymore. Or maybe one of you has changed—for better or worse. What can you do if your friend just do... Read More »

How to Get Your Old Friend to Listen when He Refuses to Speak?

We all hate it when we fall out with someone, don't we? It hurts us even more when that person can't even be civilized and instead spreads rumours etc. At this point we think 'God s/he is so immatu... Read More »