What Can Happen If My Dog Eats a Poisonous House Plant?

Answer If you have a curious pup that likes to jump, climb and chew, keeping poisonous plants out of its reach may prove difficult. Regularly check the plant to make sure your dog hasn't eaten any leaves ... Read More »

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What would happen if my Toy Chihuahua eats Tylenol?

Toy Chihuahuas are a small dog breed that have a very limited tolerance for any kind of toxin, including the active ingredient in Tylenol. The level of toxicity is correlated to an animal's body we... Read More »

What worse, short of actually dying, can happen if someone eats suspicious smelling salamis before you?

Wow, an Indian that eats salamis and sausages, rare indeed.Anyways, as for long how they last in the fridge it varies with the source, the packaging, handling and storage temperature.Fresh cut deli... Read More »

What eats aquarium plant debris?

One good way to keep an aquarium free of algae and plant debris is to buy a snail. Snails feed off dead plant matter and help keep it from building up in your tank.References:Caudata Culture: Aquar... Read More »

What eats the bougainvillea plant in the Amazon rainforest?

The bougainvillea grows in South America and faces attacks by aphids, which arrive in the spring, are pear shaped and devour new growth while leaving a trail of secretions that attract ants. The bo... Read More »