What Can Cause the Loss of Power Steering in a Vehicle?

Answer The concept couldn't be simpler, at least as far as mechanical systems go: use one type of kinetic energy to assist in moving a second type via fluid pressure transfer. The idea dates back further ... Read More »

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How to Replace Your Power Steering Pump in Your Vehicle?

If you are driving on a bad power steering pump, then the only direction you will be going is straight. You can't turn right or left on a bad power steering pump. So let's get started, just follow ... Read More »

How to Check For a Power Steering Fluid Leak in Your Vehicle?

A car's power steering system is made of two hoses, a high-pressure and a low-pressure hose. A leak can occur when one of the hoses breaks or gets a tear or if they have come loose from the power s... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Hard Power Steering When a Vehicle Is Cold?

Several factors may make power steering hard to work when the vehicle is cold. The issues range from mild to severe, and you'll probably want to try the least expensive troubleshooting methods firs... Read More »

How to Disconnect the Power Steering Line From the Power Steering Pump?

The power steering line is a high-pressure line that carries power steering fluid from the power steering pump into the steering column. If the line is damaged, it will need to be replaced. The lin... Read More »