What Can Cause the Loss of Power Steering in a Vehicle?

Answer The concept couldn't be simpler, at least as far as mechanical systems go: use one type of kinetic energy to assist in moving a second type via fluid pressure transfer. The idea dates back further ... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot Hard Power Steering When a Vehicle Is Cold?

Several factors may make power steering hard to work when the vehicle is cold. The issues range from mild to severe, and you'll probably want to try the least expensive troubleshooting methods firs... Read More »

How to Check For a Power Steering Fluid Leak in Your Vehicle?

A car's power steering system is made of two hoses, a high-pressure and a low-pressure hose. A leak can occur when one of the hoses breaks or gets a tear or if they have come loose from the power s... Read More »

What Would Cause a Whining Sound From the Power Steering Unit When Turning?

Most drivers are familiar with power steering whine, but few know exactly what causes it. Steering whine is often an indicator of low fluid levels, but may also indicate a malfunctioning bypass val... Read More »

Do under the hood air cleaners cause power loss?

Hot under-hood air is less dense than cool outside air, so it contains less oxygen per cubic foot. If your car originally came with a hood scoop or cold-air induction tube, then installing a standa... Read More »