What Can Cause Ice Being in the Cartons in the Refrigerator?

Answer A properly running refrigerator should keep foods at a safe, cold temperature between 35 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit without causing ice in cartons. If you can determine why your refrigerator is too ... Read More »

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What would cause a refrigerator to make a grinding noise and smell bad?

Answer To answer the first question. Check the ice maker to see if it is on or off if not hooked up.Second question....clean it out once in awhile.

What might cause a chemical smell coming from a refrigerator?

another queryId love to know the answer. I have a fridge Id been storing, unplugged, in the garage and it smells like chemicals now. I;ve wanted to sell it but I have no idea why it smells so bad.G... Read More »

What would cause a refrigerator ice maker to overflow and run water into the ice cube tray?

Why Ice cubes are not being formed in the Refrigerator ?

because you form them in the freezer.You need 1. water2. temperature at or below 32 F