What Camera takes the most interesting & creative photographs...?

Answer Panorama cameras are interesting. Pinhole cameras with large field of views are interesting as well.Hmmm...let's see, oh, digital cameras converted to IR produce an interesting look. Creativity, of... Read More »

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How to Apply the Creative Commons License to Flickr Photographs?

If you love photography, you probably have an account at Flickr. If you would like your Flickr photographs to appear in wikiHow's Free Image Tool, you'll need to apply a Creative Commons License to... Read More »

I need to take an intraoral photographs. I would prefer compact digital camera(not heavy camera).Any idea?

I no longer use a ring light. I think that a point source of light is better for modeling of the subject (teeth) and a ring light makes everything look flat. Years ago, Yashica's Dental Eye camer... Read More »

How many photographs could the first camera invented take?

camera The first camera was quite large and used a glass plate covered with emulsion to capture an image. It could only take one picture at a time as the glass plate needed to be loaded in the back... Read More »

Looking for a spy camera for still photographs that will work with android?

There are many spy cameras can take still photos, such as the mini usb motion activated spy camera, spy watch camera, spy glasses camera etc... But I don't know whether they can work with android o... Read More »