What Calculators Are Allowed on the SAT?

Answer Taking the SAT is often an admissions requirement for college. While the test can be stressful, you are permitted to use a calculator during the math sessions. However, not all calculators are allo... Read More »

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What is the use of M M+ M- in calculators?

The M M+ M- refer to memory functions on your calculator. For example, the M+ will add an amount to a "running total" your calculator has saved in its memory. It's useful if you have various cal... Read More »

Can you use calculators on the FCAT?

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT, is a test administered to students in third through 11th grade to rate math, reading, writing and science skills. Students are provided with a st... Read More »

Any calculators similar?

Your going to have to pay for it since these are what most schools are requiring you to buy. At my school they lend the TI's out to people that cant afford one, which is nice, but many schools may ... Read More »

Telephones and calculators?

not any calculators I have mine are the same as phonesgood lucksmile