What country of origin does the last name"Maher"come from?

Answer The name Maher is an Anglicized variation of the Gaelic name "O’ Meachair", which is a surname referring to a person as being “a descendant of Meachar”. Ultimately, the name is of Irish origi... Read More »

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Where did Malcolm X's last name come from in his family tree?

Christened Malcolm Little by his parents Earl Little and Louise (Norton) Little, he changed his last name to "X" in 1953. The adoption of the surname "X" is a way of rejecting a familial last name ... Read More »

What does the last name Lopez come from?

It traces its roots to the word "Wolf". in Spanish wolf is lobo, in french it is loup.

What is Sam from iCarly first and last name?

In the show her full name is Samantha Puckett. They call her Sam. But in real life her name is Jennette McCurdy.

What is Ryan from teen mom girlfriends first and last name?

If she wants to be known with names and address I'm sure they would show it on TV or publish it. I don't think she wants to be stalked by fans of the show.