What Bugs Are Killing My Jade & Aloe Plants?

Answer Aloe and jade plants infected with insect pests can wilt, shrivel, lose leaves and appear to the casual eye like they are dying. If you note these symptoms or observe insects in or around your plan... Read More »

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Why Are My Jade & Aloe Plants Melting?

Jade plants and aloes are common indoor succulent plants. They are hardy and tolerate neglect, although they are vulnerable to overwatering and low temperatures. A jade plant or aloe that seems to ... Read More »

Bugs on Jade Plants?

Scale insects, mealybugs and spider mites are common pests of the succulent jade plant. Jade is well-suited to life as a houseplant because it prefers warm, dry climates. Jade plants can attract in... Read More »

How to Kill Bugs on Aloe Plants?

There are all sorts of reasons to have an aloe vera plant in your house. They are interesting to look at and they remove toxins from the air and have a terrific effect when the gel inside is used t... Read More »

What can raise the pH without killing your plants?

Answer Dolomite lime is typically used to raise soil pH (make more alkaline).