What Bible standard does the Catholic Church use today?

Answer There is no "official" Bible approved by the Catholic Church. According to Catholic Online, the New Jerusalem Bible published in 1985 is "the most widely used Roman Catholic Bible outside of the Un... Read More »

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Is the word church used in the Catholic Bible?

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the New Testament uses the word "church" to describe the society started by Jesus Christ. This word appears a varying number of times in the different versio... Read More »

Why does the Protestant Bible have seven less books than the Catholic Bible?

The Catholic and Protestant Bibles are held by both denominations as the true and inspired Word of God. However, the reason why these versions have a different number of official books in their pre... Read More »

What Does the Catholic Church Say About Cremation?

The Bible passage "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" means that people came from ashes and shall return to ashes upon death. The rotting away of the body until it consists solely of ashes can take hund... Read More »

What type of Bible does a Catholic read or use?

While there is no official modern English Catholic Bible officially approved by the Vatican, there are several approved Catholic editions of common translations. The Catholic editions have several ... Read More »