What Auto Loans Can I Get Without a Co-signer?

Answer You might be able to acquire an auto loan even as a fresh-faced college graduate with nothing but a credit card with a small limit to your name. If you have bad credit, you may need a co-signer on ... Read More »

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Are there any good private student loans that you can get without needing a co-signer?

Private student loan lenders require a strong credit and employment history or a so-signor with one. If you have the credit and employment record then there are a handful of lenders that will waive... Read More »

Who is responsible for loans upon death of co-signer?

On One Hand: The BorrowerIf a cosigner has passed away, the full responsibility of the loan rests upon the original borrower. Because the co-signer was merely a guarantor of the borrower's intent t... Read More »

What is the best student loan you can get without a co-signer?

If you get federal student loans, they arent based upon how good/bad your credit is and you dont have to have someone co-sign. I think 20,000 is a little steep for a community college also. That ... Read More »

Private Student Loan without a co-signer?

Your chances of getting a private student loan without a cosigner are zero. If your school can't cough up the cash to allow you to go without resorting to selling bodily fluids then it's not a goo... Read More »