What Are the White Bugs on My Hermit Crabs?

Answer If you see white bugs on your hermit crab, you probably have a mite infestation on your hands. Mites are parasites and can vary in color ranging from tan, gray, black and even green. It is importan... Read More »

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What purpose do hermit crabs serve in a reef aquarium?

Hermit crabs act basically as janitors in reef aquariums. They are very efficient at eating the algae that develops on the terrain in a fish tank. Hermit crabs are bottom-feeders and generally dwel... Read More »

How to Care for Hermit Crabs?

A lot of people think of hermit crabs as throw-away pets, but really, they are not. These creatures are fascinating, very loving, and active. If you give your hermit crab the TLC it needs, it can l... Read More »

How to Race Hermit Crabs?

Racing hermit crabs can be extremely entertaining. Here's how to do it!

Do hermit crabs eat bananas?

Yes, but ideally they prefer banoffee pie