What Are the Ways That Plants Can Be Pollinated?

Answer Plants grow from seeds, but you may have never thought much about where the seeds come from. They come from other plants, of course. Pollination is the process of fertilizing the plant ovules with ... Read More »

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Three Ways Flowers Get Pollinated?

Pollination is the fertilization process in which pollen produced in the male part of a flower, called the stamen, is transferred to the top of the female part of a flower, called the pistil, to cr... Read More »

Greenhouse plants will they get pollinated?

No, pollination will not occur naturally in a greenhouse.What I do is just leave the door open during the day in the summer. This also a really good site for information Read More »

Ways That Plants Disperse Their Seeds?

Plants disperse their seeds so that they can reproduce. Seed dispersal is critical to the future of each plant species. Plants use different strategies to disperse their seeds. These strategies var... Read More »

Ways That Nuclear Plants Affect Water Pollution?

Nuclear energy is created by splitting uranium atoms. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nuclear power accounts for about 19 percent of all U.S. energy production. But there's much d... Read More »