What Are the Warmest Materials for Winter?

Answer When you are making garments and decor for colder months you need to select the fabrics very carefully. To stay warm, you will need to choose a fabric that is insulating. Some fabrics are plush and... Read More »

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What States Have the Warmest Winters?

The states with the warmest temperatures in the winter lie mainly in the south-central and southeastern area of the country. Differences in landmass between the states may give a distorted picture ... Read More »

What Are the Warmest Gloves for Children?

Keeping little fingers warm and dry can be tough when playing in the snow or participating in outdoor winter sports. Children who have gloves that do a good job of keeping their hands warm and dry ... Read More »

Which type of fabric keeps you warmest?

The fabric that keeps you warmest will depend on the activity you are performing. Fleece, down, nylon and wool provide great warmth, as does layering different fabrics. However, clothes made with p... Read More »

When is Alaska's warmest season?

Alaska, although colder than the other 49 states on average, does experience four seasons and has warm months. The warmest season is summer, when the high temperatures can average in the 60s and hi... Read More »