What Are the Two Wind Patterns That Move Air and Water in Each Hemisphere?

Answer The Earth's oceans are complex bodies of water, affected by numerous natural occurrences. The Earth's rotation, landmasses, and wind patterns all move ocean currents in specific directions. These o... Read More »

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What is the source of energy that causes water molecules to move?

Water molecules in the form of gas are highly charged with energy, which causes the molecules to be in constant motion, according to Of the two types of energy - potential and kinetic ... Read More »

Which hemisphere has more water, the Southern or the Northern?

The Southern Hemisphere has more water than the Northern Hemisphere. Because of this, the Southern Hemisphere does not heat up as quickly as the Northern Hemisphere from the sun's rays. Since the S... Read More »

Which hemisphere has more water: the northern or the southern?

The Southern Hemisphere has more water. About 75 percent of the Southern Hemisphere is covered by water, including the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. About 45 percent of the Northern Hemisphe... Read More »

Body Parts That Help the Fish Move in the Water?

Fish have evolved to take full advantage of their environment and have many body parts that enable them to swim. Using a variety of internal organs and external body features, fish display an incre... Read More »