What Are the Two Ways of Organizing an Argument?

Answer Though there are many nuances to forming a structured argument, most fall under the headings of "inductive" or "deductive" arguments. Even if the argument is being made informally, such as in a con... Read More »

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Organizing an Argument for an Essay?

In order to organize an effective argument for an essay, it's important to draw from several different sources and be well-read on the topic you're going to write about. An argumentative essay is q... Read More »

Different Ways of Organizing a Paragraph?

A well-written paragraph is connected, consistent and well developed. The sentences support one idea (they are connected), ideas flow with ease from sentence to sentence (the supporting informatio... Read More »

Help on organizing!!!?

Junk gets thrown out. If you haven't used it in 6 months, you don't need it. Fold clothes. arrange closets so that shirts hang in one area, pants/dresses in another. and a shoe organizer. Underwear... Read More »

What are advantages of organizing?

The biggest advantage tends to be best use of resources, by way of specialization and teamwork. Everybody in an organization, or all parts of an organism, work together with each one or each part d... Read More »