What Are the Two Kinds of Anthropology?

Answer The field of anthropology is the study of humanity, including human behavior, human societies and the origins of humans. The two main sub-fields of anthropology are cultural or social anthropology,... Read More »

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PhD Projects on Anthropology?

The doctorate or PhD in anthropology represents the culmination of graduate work in a field that studies human beings as a species. Doctoral candidates receive a PhD in this field upon completion o... Read More »

Anthropology Terms?

Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. This can include areas like evolutionary history, behavior, communication and how a particular culture or group has adapted to their environme... Read More »

Anthropology Explained?

From the Greek words anthropos, meaning human, and logia, meaning study, anthropology covers all aspects of human life, from past to present, from exotic to commonplace. Anthropologists want to kno... Read More »

Anthropology Games?

In high school or college, students might take a course in anthropology. The material can certainly be a bit dense at times. However, introduce some games into your curriculum to keep students inte... Read More »