What Are the Treatments for Peeling Skin?

Answer A person's skin can peel for a number of reasons, including sunburn, irritation from household chemicals, cold weather and even chronic skin conditions, i.e. eczema, psoriosis. Typical treatments i... Read More »

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How to Use Home Skin Peeling Treatments?

Physician administered chemical peels may cost you thousands of dollars. Similar results can be achieved by purchasing an "at home" skin peeling" kit. Age spots, fine wrinkles, discolorations and a... Read More »

Skin under my foot is peeling and Skin on my heels and on the balls of my feet are very thick?

Your skin will be dry and peeling if you aren't properly moisturized. The skin on your feet that impacts the ground the most (your heel and the balls of your feet) will also be thick with calluses... Read More »

My skin keeps peeling! What do I do?

I really recommend baby oil for your body. It traps in more moisture then body lotion and smells good. Your body will become softer in no time.If you suffer from a dry face as well, I recommend for... Read More »

How to Avoid Peeling Skin?

No one wants peeling skin. It brings discomfort and makes for an awkward appearance. If you have peeling skin, it is likely due to skin damage, such as a sunburn, infection or severe dryness. While... Read More »