What Are the Traits of Capitalism & the Market System?

Answer Governments run their economies based on certain principles. For instance, they can follow a communist model, socialist model or a capitalist model. The United States is a capitalist economy that g... Read More »

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Is the veg*n market becoming another product for the benefit of reckless capitalism?

Of course. Any time a new diet gets popular, established companies jump on it. Silk was once an independent, organic soy milk company. Now it belongs to of the largest cow milk companies... Read More »

What is the cheapest Camcorder in the market with the following traits:?

The challenge was the "variable frame rate". The rest of the stuff was table stakes.The Panasonic AG-AF100A looks like it meets all your requirements... zoom depends on the lens you use.

How to Quiet an After-Market Exhaust System?

Aftermarket exhaust systems are usually installed for one of three reasons: normal replacement, increasing performance and altering the sound profile. Aftermarket exhaust systems may have a signifi... Read More »

What is a pure market system of economics?

A pure market system is an economic model in which markets are entirely self-regulated without government intervention. Private firms have complete control over the distribution of resources. Natio... Read More »