What Are the Tiny Orange Insects on My Tree?

Answer All types of trees are prone to infestation from insects that are likely to cause damage to foliage, flowers or fruit. Left uncontrolled, these pests often cause severe damage. Some insects appear ... Read More »

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Green tiny insects on my rose buds please help.?

The bugs sound like aphids. You can use anything from alcohol and soapy water to any of the various insectides for roses available at hardware stores. They are harmful, so you do want to get rid ... Read More »

How to Identify Small Tiny White Flying Insects?

If you've noticed tiny white flying bugs around your home, chances are these are whiteflies. There are other tiny white insects such as aphids, but they lack wings. Whiteflies are seen most often o... Read More »

I keep finding tiny caterpillar looking insects that are black and have a hard shell and curl up when touched.?

Millipedes. You may want to call an exterminator to find out why you are infested as they like damp, dark and rotting places.

What are tiny little insects around windows and doors about the size of a pencil point and what type of damage do they do to a house?