What Are the Times for Hummingbirds in Kansas?

Answer If you're looking for hummingbirds in Kansas you won't be disappointed. Kansans can enjoy hummingbirds for about five to six months of the year. If you're looking to put out a hummingbird feeder in... Read More »

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How many times do hummingbirds flap their wings?

Hummingbird wing beat rates differ according to the size of the hummingbird. Large hummingbird species average 10 to 15 wing beats per second. Smaller hummingbird species, such as the rufous, avera... Read More »

What should i do if i have a kansas driving Permit but live in virginia and i lose my kansas permit?

kansas permit is no good in VA.apply for new permit where you live/its a Learners Permit

What is a hummingbirds absolute FAVORITE flowers?

Hard to say which specific flowers since I can read their minds...lolSince hummers, like most birds, have virtually no sense of smell, the flowers that attract them tend to have little or no fragra... Read More »

At what point do hummingbirds find a new feeder?

Hummingbirds are attracted to the colored sugar water. My mother puts one up every year.....but this year the humming birds came to the window before she even had it out.So they remember if you kee... Read More »